Jetson Xavier NX Memory map


i’m using xavier nx on my own product.

and i’m going to get a certificate called IoT Security Certification in Korea now.

The certification has following requirements.

Memory map image(or text) for Xavier NX CPU (Kernel)

I tried to find it in various documents, but couldn’t find it.

Where can i find it?

I will attach an example of a memory map as an image.

Thank you .


If you use Jetpack 4 release, we use NvBuffer APIs for accessing frame data. The data can be captured into NvBuffer and call NvBufferMemMap() to get CPU pointer.

Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately, I used Jetpack 5 release.
In Jetpack 5, Can i NvBufferMemMap() too?

We have switched to NvBufSurface APIs on Jetpack 5. Please check the header files:


You can call NvBufSurfaceMap()

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