Jetson Xavier NX Micro SD Connector

Hi Team,

For Xavier NX Carrier board i want to use SD card Interface for Booting purpose.
As in the attached image that’s my plan. the connections are directly going to the Xavier NX.
In the image the SD detect i gived as 1.8V and we have 3.3V in the above load switch.
My question :-

  1. Please confirm if 3.3V from the Load switch can be used for SD_CARD_DET instead of 1.8V , is it ok or not.
  2. Does the Load switch Control require from the Xavier NX , if yes then which pin is required.

What do you mean “booting purpose”? It is not supported to boot from it.

For SD card design please refer to the SD Card Connection Example in product design guide. SD_CD should be supplied by the rail that will not cause power sequence issue. You can choose any available GPIO to control load switch.

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