Jetson Xavier NX not displaying anything after reboot

Hello there,
I’m using the Jetson Xavier NX for a project of my master studies, where we build software for autonomous little carts.
Therefore I just flashed the new Jetson Jetpack 5.0 Developer Preview to the SD Card through Balena Etcher as shown in the setup instructions. After successfully installed the ubuntu and some software updates, the OS asked for a reboot. SO I did a reboot and afterwards my screen remained black showing no image at all. The green power LED is lit, though and the device is becoming quite hot, while the fan is not doing anything. I already tried flashing the Jetpack 5.0 again but this did not make any difference, so I suppose it is a hardware related problem.
Thanks already for the help


Are you really need to use jp5.0 for your project? I would suggest you can try some stable release like jp4.6.1/jp4.6 if you want to try it.

As you know jp 5.0 is “developer preview” and there maybe some system issues which is still under debugging.
If you want to spend time on something really important, I would suggest stable release.

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