Jetson Xavier NX restarts

We use Jetson Xavier NX in our custom carrier board with custom BSP based on L4T 32.4.3 and our customer face below issue:

They they seem to have an issue in the board/module after 30 minutes of use, the unit just restarts.

CPU/GPU temperature (under Linux) do not go above 50C. 24V supply to the carrier is stable (they also get the same issue with an external benchtop PSU connected).

I’ve asked them to look at the Linux logs – they can’t see anything there at first glance.

Please suggest what could cause the unit to restart or any further debugging they can do?

What kind of “Linux logs” did they check?

Note that if they can run the serial console, and log the console, then you will get a log not only of the current boot, but also of the whole reboot sequence. For serial console see:

After a reboot some slight information might be found via:

sudo -s
egrep --binary-files=text '.*' `find /sys -type f -name '*reason*'`