Jetson Xavier NX running DriveworksSample

lying around an Xavier NX and asked me if it is possible to run the DriveworksSample.
This would me very useful for demonstration and easy to carry around.
Looking at the specs, the NX is not very different. Both have Carmel CPU & Volta GPU with Deep Learning and Vision Accelerator. So i give a try and setup the NX.

  1. installed JetPack OS
  2. removed Cuda and TensorRT
  3. installed manually Cuda 10.2.19, cuDNN and TensorRT
  4. installed DriveWorks
  5. copied missing libraries for lane detection sample
  6. endup with error

[28-01-2018 17:17:30] Driveworks exception thrown: DW_INTERNAL_ERROR: SDK: Failed to detect platform
Aborted(core dumped)


dwInitialize(&m_sdk, DW_VERSION, &sdkParams)

Somebody know how the initialization works? I saw a previous post with missing TensorRT and the same error.
How do the module detect the platform? Or is there a general incompatibility?

Dear @rudolf.zobel,
Note that, DW is supported only on DRIVE platform.