Jetson Xavier NX SD Card bootable source files


One of our customers want to use Xavier NX module from devkit on our carrier board, He is able to boot the module but he want to make some changes to the source or image and rebuild it for our carrier card, like enable host USB etc.

Is it possible to build a custom BSP for devkit NX module? where can we refer the documentation for that?

Aim is to take sources make some changes build it for devkit module(module with SD card) and flash it to devkit module and put it in our carrier board and test.

We have tried emmc module with custom BSP and it works.

Please suggest on this.

Please refer to NVIDIA Jetson Linux Driver Package Software Features : BSP Customization | NVIDIA Docs

Hi Thank you ,

We can create SD card bootable custom image for devkit module?

Just some added info: Setting up correct routing for board customizations (meaning which trace routes where) is the realm of the device tree. You should examine the device tree section of the link given by @kayccc rather than bothering with source code of boot content. The device tree modifications are by far the most common way to deal with a custom carrier board (and device tree might be the only BSP modification in such a case). You might also pay close attention to any reference to the “PINMUX” spreadsheet…this is essentially a spread sheet with macros which can create some of the device tree content based on which pins will route as what kind of device.

Note that SD card models (dev kits) have QSPI memory for boot content, but eMMC models (production models) do not. In the case of SD card models the QSPI memory might need changes to work with a particular SD card. Earlier releases put part of the boot content in QSPI, but other parts went into the SD card. The same QSPI content was used for several earlier releases, and so changing an SD card among those earlier releases would have worked without any QSPI flash. Then, if such an SD card model were to need to use a newer release on the SD card those extra partitions would have disappeared from the SD card and transitioned to being in QSPI memory. Such a case would require also flashing the NX in addition to changing to the newer SD card software release. The question of whether you can just change SD card content changes depending on which software release is in the QSPI and which software release is in the SD card of a dev kit model. This latter question is irrelevant for eMMC models.

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There is a sdcard image creation script in the BSP (Linux_for_Tegra).

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