Jetson xavier nx security

I have a question about jetson xavier nx. I am really new to security issues.
I want to know how I can protect my python code in jetson if I give it to someone else as a customer. I searched and found some methods like cython, pyarmor, … but I think it is not enough and it can be regenerated by the reverse engineering.
Some protection software such as vmprotect and themida are not for jetson.
Nvidia Jetson Secureboot and SecureOs are for the image file as far as I know. (correct?)
I was thinking of encryption software for the jetson sd card. Is it a possible solution?
What are your suggestions?
I would appreciate it if you help me with this issue.

hello rdev20,

please also refer to developer guide, you may check Security chapter for documentation.
according to similar discussion thread, Topic 158361.
here’s forum user reported an issue to enable secureboot on Xavier NX devkit. (i.e. SD card version)