Jetson Xavier NX Support ICs: USB Hub , Audio CODEC

Hi, I’m designing custom carrier board for Jetson Xavier NX. I’m selecting some components. Now I’m stuck about USB-Hub and Audio CODEC (I2S) ICs selection.

  • Which components, parts are already supported by Xavier NX. I need it can immediately use or less modify after the board is finished . I need to focus on the other tasks, need USB hub and audio codec works on it’s normal uses.

For USB Hub: I draft several sol. like CUYSB33xx, TUSB8044, etc. However, I’ve seen RTS5411, VL817 is selected in several references also the official design. I’m not sure more any config or driver need?
For Audio codec: I’ve seen some forum discuss about ALC5658. But I’m sill blank about it. Or any other codec recommended?

Please refer to the devkit reference P3509 design and Orin NX SCL doc for that. All the docs can be found in DLC.

I found this one, correct? Orin NX SCL.
Then, it let me jump to Jetson Ecosystems.
Here I found NVIDIA partners, their carrier boards solutions. But still not found more clues.

USB hub chips don’t require special drivers, so you may freely choose depending on features, price, and availability.

Audio is a whole different thing. I tried to connect a TI codec to a TX2 but failed and ended up with audio over USB. Realtek chips are available only in bulk - they won’t talk to you unless you place an 1M$ order. And you won’t get any datasheets or other support from them - been there, done this.

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