Jetson Xavier NX to replace Jetson AGX Xavier 8GB

Jetson Xavier NX provides higher performance for less power in a smaller form factor at a lower price point. NVIDIA has transitioned existing Jetson AGX Xavier 8GB customers, and new designs should use Jetson Xavier NX.

Jetson Xavier NX is available to order now, and will ship 2nd half of April 2020.

Hello Lawrence,

  1. Is there any difference b/w Xavier NX & Xavier AGX in term of software compatibility? IS software/driver under AGX compatible with NX?

  2. I am using Leopard IMX577 camera with Xavier AGX and have file “camera_override.isp” for camera tuning settings. Can it be used with Xavier NX? Is there any issue?

  3. I intend to use 4 lane data for camera, do I need different “camera_override.isp” file?