Jetson Xavier NX Update and Redundancy

I 'm trying to do the OTA regarding to

From my understanding, this should update the bootloader, DTB and Rootfs in Tegra device.
Is it right?

Initially, I flashed a r32.4.3 image into Tegra, and then build the single-spec BUP image based r32.5.1.

after the update is complete, I checked the L4T version(/etc/nv_tegra_release),
it is 32.4.3.

Is this correct?

The attachment is my smd_info.cfg
smd_info.cfg (1.8 KB)

Hello HelloKittyWorld

Did you also perform an apt upgrade? BUP payloads update the bootloader, kernel-dtb etc. partitions. /etc/nv_tegra_release is updated when L4T is upgraded via the “sudo apt upgrade” command. You will need to perform this step to fully update to r32.5.1.

The /etc/apt/sources.lists.d/nvidia-l4t-apt-source.list file would need to be modified to the r32.5.1 repos so the new packages can be obtained.

Instructions can be found in:

My target is to update the tegra device with my customized image,
e.g initially Tegra equipped with a customized r32.4.3,
later update it with a customized r32.5.1
So the BUP method cannot do this?

Unfortunately you will not be able to update the rootfs using the BUP method. update engine currently updates bootloader, firmware and dtb partitions etc.

The L4T roadmap hints that L4T r32.6 will introduce an OTA rootfs update method.

You can use the apt upgrade method to OTA update your current custom rootfs to a new L4T version.

Note: If using a custom carrier (non devkit)
If you use a custom kernel, your kernel and any custom DTB (will be overwritten by the upgrade (on rootfs). The BSP customization docs contain info on repacking a custom .deb package to utilize your own kernel, modules and dtb.

Also note that the apt upgrade may overwrite /etc/hostname and /etc/fstab

OK, Thanks