Jetson xavier nx usb failure due to large file copy

We currently face the problem of Decrypt data and then the whole data transition process has been corrupted.
We guess its the problem with the USB bus.
The data corruption is random and more likely to be seen on large files transition.

The action that we did to cause this problem shows in the first and second snap picture and the steps listed below:

  1. We first manually copy the file over, sync, and clear the cache.
  2. We do a diff and compare the MD5, and we repeat the above steps a few times until we get a clean copy.

For the process that reads from USB drive to NX seems OK. However, the process of writing data from NX to USB drive get corrupted.

Then we got error from official dev board as well. It shows as the third, fourth and fifth picture.

The snap pictures listed below:

Sorry for the inconvenience of the picture. We did this due to the limitation of the new user`s post. you can download the picture and zoom in it to see the details.

We are expecting the response as soon as possible.

Can you share the method to reproduce this issue? For example, what command are you using to write large files?

Also, which jetpack release are you using?

rsync -ric --delete --inplace --no-whole-file --info=progress2 {0} {1}

{0} set as …/data/turbines/1

{1} set as …/temp

The first two pictures also show a method to reproduce the problem.

The jetpack we are using is 4.5.1