Jetson Xavier NX Vibration

Does anyone have vibration tolerance limits on the Xavier NX Development kit ?
I have been unable to find them in any of the documentation.

I also have been unable to find vibration data associated with the Xavier AGX Development kits, although I have been able to find it for the board itself.

Any pointers would be appreciated - Thanks !

Devkit is for development only, not for product. Please refer the module datasheet for the vibration tolerance.

Thank you for the datasheet - for some reason I had trouble locating one with vibration data for the Xavier NX.

What about for prototyping applications? The product I’m working on is in early stage prototyping where it doesn’t make sense for us to spin our own board and the features of a dev kit could be useful as we debug. I like the idea of using the Nvidia designed Dev Kit over a 3rd party carrier board (especially since many of these don’t provide vibe numbers either) but it would be useful if I had vibration tolerance numbers.


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