Jetson Xavier NX with custom carrier board does not lose power after shutdown

We found that using Jetson Xavier NX with our own carrier board, 3V3_SYS is still on after a normal shutdown in the Ubuntu system.
We tested and found that this happens only when Jetpack version > 5, not in version 4.
With Jetson Xavier NX reference carrier board (P3509-0000), we observed that the SHUTDOWN_REQ signal is pulled low, but our carrier board‘s is not.
Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

Update: Same issues founded here,

@WayneWWW Can you tell us if this workaround solution would be risky for PCIE devices, which look like they no longer shut down properly when they are turned off? Thanks.


I cannot provide whether it would be risky or not. As the post said, that issue is from vendor driver.
From jetson PCIe side, it is okay. But we don’t know what would happen on their device.

Got it, thanks for your reply.

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