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I am currently using Jetson Xavier NX and Jetpack 4.6.1, which has GStreamer version 1.14. I want to have GStreamer version 1.16.3 on the same device. Kindly let me know the best way possible in-order to achieve the updated version for GStreamer.

Thank You.

You can install Jetpack 5.0.2. It is with gsteamer 1.16.3.

@DaneLLL We are using arducam, But we dont have the camera drivers for that version of Jetpack 5.0.2.

Please refer to the guidance in
To manually build 1.16.3. Our plugins are open source and suggest you also manually rebuild the plugins.

The Jetpack 4 releases are tested with 1.14.5 and there may be issues in stability after the manual upgrade. Please note this.

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