Jetson Xavier PCIe add on cards tested


I am designing a baseboard for a Jetson Xavier module. I would like to know following information related to Xavier PCIe lanes.

  1. What are the different cards been tested at the x16 (J6) and x8 (J22) PCIe connector available on the Xavier development kit? I would like to know what are the different 3rd party PCIe devices are supported by Xavier.

  2. Below is the PCIe lane mapping for the xavier baseboard I am designing. Please confirm the assignment is correct.
    UPHY0: x1 mPCIe
    UPHY1: USB3.1
    UPHY[5:2]: M.2
    UPHY6: USB3.1
    UPHY7: x1 PCIe to PCIe device
    UPHY8: x1 PCIe to PCIe device
    UPHY9: NC
    UPHY10:x1 UFS
    UPHY11: NC
    NVHS[3:0]: x4 PCIe to the switch
    NVHS[7:4]: NC


Following cards have been verified
RCS_r2UG-A2E16-A PCIe Switch
Nvidia’a dGPU
Intel82572EI NIC
NEC uPD720200 USB3.0 card
ASUS USB3.1 card
Moschip USB2.0 card
OCZ RVD400-22280-512G-A SSD
Silicon Image Corp. 3132 SATA Controller
Intel E10G42BT X520-T2 10Gigabit NIC card
StarTech 1G NIC Card
TP-Link TG-3468 1G NIC Card
ASUS ROG AREION 10G Express 10Gbps
ASUS XG-C100C 10G NIC card
Realtech RTL8111/8168 1G NIC card
Intel CT Desktop Ethernet NIC card
Tehuti 10G Network Card
Intel Ethernet I210 – T1
Toshiba NVME card
Intel 750 Series SSDPEDMW400G4 NVMe SSD
Samsung NVME SSD
Plextor PX-128M8PeGN NVMe SSD
Kingston SKC1000/240G NVMe SSD
Realtek RTL8188CE NIC
Realtek RTL8822BE NIC
Broadcom 4356 WiFi Card
TPLINK N900 NIC card

Regarding the configuration, yes, that would work. (On a side note, you can have both Lane-8 and Lane-9 routed to an x2 slot and depending on your requirement, you can either use it to connect to x1 cards or x2 cards. Reason behind it is, both lane-8,9 are owned by the same controller

dear vidyas.

So Xavier NVHS port can be config on two x4 pcie deivce. ex: NVHS[3:0]: x4 PCIe to M.2 SSD and other NVHS[7:4] : x4 PCIe to M.2 SSD.


Nope. That is not possible. All lanes (i.e. total 8) of NVHS port can only be owned by one PCIe controller and that is C5 controller. So, either we use one lane, 4 lanes or 8 lanes, only one controller (C5) can own those lanes and we can’t use other lanes for any other purpose.

Hi Vidyas,

Is this card supported ?


We need more than 2 RJ45 ports.


Although we didn’t test this particular card as such, but, I don’t see any reason why it can’t work. FWIW, we have tested other cards with the same Realtek chipset (i.e RTL8111G) and they all work fine.

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Hey @vidyas
Does this mean that a total of 2 more ASUS USB3.1 card (or some other 3.1 extension card) can be added to the Jetson Xavier AGX ?

This would make the total number of USB 3.1 C type slots = 2 + 3+3 = 8. Right ?

Jetson AGX has only one x16 CEM formfactor slot to which one ASUS USB3.1 add-on card can be connected.
When you said, “a total of 2 more ASUS USB3.1 card (or some other 3.1 extension card) can be added to the Jetson Xavier AGX ?” I’m not sure where do you want to connect the other ASUS USB3.1 card?
FWIW, AGX has got two more slots in the form of M.2 Key-M and M.2 Key-E and if you are planning to connect to those slot with the help of an adapter, then, sure…go ahead and it would work fine too

@vidyas: We notice you have the Supermicro RSC R2UG-A2E16-A PCIe switch on your supported list.

We tried this other PCIe switch HBA card.
On an x86_64 Linux host (x8 slot, no bifurcation config, to mimic the Jetson) it presents as four NVMe drives. On the Jetson Xavier, it only presents the first NVMe drive.

Can you you elaborate on the Jetson PCIe restrictions alluded to in this thread?

  • Is this expected behavior for this Syba card on the Jetson?
  • Should we expect different, better results with this or this?
  • What makes the RSC R2UG-A2E16-A reportedly supported; how should users pick additional PCIe switch chipsets that may be supported.
  • Would you expect the RSC R2UG-A2E16-A in Jetson’s x8, with two NVMe x4 drive adapters inserted, to present both drives to the Jetson?

Hi bcarnes,

Please help to open a new topic for your issue. Thanks

Just to reconfirm again; we can use x8 lane upstream port to 8 nox x2 lane down stream ports using PCIe 3.0 switch on NVHS0[7:0]?

Nope. This is not the expected behavior.I expect all 4 downstream ports of the switch (and NVMe devices as well if they are connected). Could you please share the ‘dmesg’ and ‘sudo lspci -vvvv’ output (if possible, lspci output on the x86 machine as well). If only one NVMe is showing up and not others, I may have to doubt the PCIe switch, as well as Tegra links up with only the upstream port of the PCIe switch, and what happens beneath the upstream port, is not controlled by Tegra.

Can’t really comment as the observation with Syba card itself is not expected. Having said that, I don’t expect to see any reduction in the number of devices that get enumerated.

Well, it just means that we happen to have this card and tested it. It doesn’t mean that other cards are not supported. They are just not connected and tested. Again, it doesn’t mean they don’t work as expected or something. All cards are expected to work with Tegra in the way they work with any other PCIe root port.



Hello is there any 4x SATA 2 or SATA 3 PCIE card supported?

was any of the tested card with SFP network module?
ref: 10GbE adapter with SFP connector for AGX Xavier?

Tehuti 10G card that we have tested had a normal ethernet port and not SFP. But, I can’t think of any reason why an SFP card won’t work with AGX though.