Jetson Xavier SDK platform

  • Is Jetson Xavier is automotive compliant? if yes what is ASIL Level supported?
  • Is real time linux support available on Jetson xavier SDK?
    if yes , please provide details on real time features.
  • Which compilers are supported for Jetson xavier SDK? Is MISRA 2012 complaint?

Hi dattatraya.bora, Jetson AGX Xavier is not ASIL-certified. For automotive applications, please refer to the NVIDIA DRIVE platform.

Jetson AGX Xavier has Cortex-R5 core which can be used as a realtime co-processor, known as the Sensor Processing Engine (SPE). We provide a reference sample running FreeRTOS. For more info, please see these downloads:

Also, I haven’t tried this myself, but I believe the community has been able to enable the PREEMPT_RT patch in the Linux kernel:

Also, Concurrent-RT has a realtime Linux kernel called RedHawk that supports Jetson:

The compilers are the standard ones provided by the Ubuntu apt repository packages. NVIDIA also provides the CUDA compiler (nvcc).

Thank you, Dustin :)

Yes, Mr. Dattatraya, Concurrent Real-Time does have a realtime Linux kernel running on Jetson AGX Xavier. Please find the press release at below link:

Concurrent Real-Time’s RedHawk linux kernel provides 6 “flavors” of kernel; debug (for driver development), trace (no debug features, but tracing feature for gauging/tuning RT performance) and standard (with debug or trace features). We also provide these kernel features with PREEMPT_RT patch enabled kernels.

Please note that, RedHawk Linux kernel doesn’t necessarily need PREEMPT_RT patch enabled in order to achieve low-latency realtime performance.