Jetson Xavier Sensor Connection Tutorials


I am wondering if anyone can help me out with some tutorials on how to connect external sensors to the Jetson Xavier.

Any documentation on best practices, preferred connection types, etc would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi lloyd-rayner, what kind of sensors are you interested in? Jetson AGX Xavier supports many standard interfaces that can be used to connect to external devices and sensors, including USB3, MIPI CSI, gigabit ethernet, PCIe, CAN bus, SPI, I2C, GPIO, ect. Many plug-n-play devices will work if there are recent Linux drivers available for them.

For cameras, CSI, USB3, and gigabit ethernet would be the most common streaming interfaces.

Hi Dusty,

I am particularly interested in some distance sensors. I only need something capable of measuring distance up to around 4meters so more of a hobby level sensor than a professional level. I am looking to install 8 sensors in total.

Thank you

Have you looked into the LIDAR-Lite or rpLIDAR? JetsonHacks has some articles about getting those to work with TX1/TX2, see here:

It should be a similar setup for Xavier devkit. Since the rpLIDAR is a 360° sensor, perhaps you wouldn’t need all 8 of them for coverage.

Thank you Dusty,

If I wanted to use distance sensory instead of 360° Lidar is this an option, design restraints mean I would like to hide the sensors within the frame rather than mounting it on top.

Thank you

Maybe you can take a look at and see if any camera product fits your need.

I have used three small VL53L0X LED distance sensors. (max 1.2m or 2m)
Because it is an LED, it needs to be installed somewhat higher because it takes distance from the floor if it is too close.
In order to use multiple sensors, it is necessary to change the address after power on by using PCAL6408.

I do not know whether there is anything on the market that can manage device power supply, so perhaps it may be necessary to create a circuit.

any data available on environmental sensors?
temperature, pressure, o2, co2? humidity?
any compatible sensors known?

I procured dht11 sensor that has 3 pins: gnd, data,vcc.
could you advise to which pins to connect it at Xavier pinout, please?

have anyone confirmed rplidar to work with Jetpack 4.3/4.4 with the default kernel drivers? without rebuilding existing cp210x.ko ?