Jetson Xavier shutting down whenever RClone runs to transfer large files

So, I’m using RClone to backup data from my edge devices, which happens to be Nvidia Jetson Xavier ARM-based devices. Whenever I try to copy a directory with many sub-directories and an overall size of approx 31 GB the whole system shuts down.
Are there any system-level logs that can help me figure out this issue?

Additional Info:
RClone file transfer is being performed over SFTP and the following command is being used:

rclone copyto /mount/ssd/my_data sftp_remote:/home/backups/my_data


Sorry that we have no experience on rclone tool.

If you want to check log, maybe you can check the serial console log.

A sudden reboot may cause syslog not able to save the error log you want to see.

I have come across a similar issue here, where answer used Passmark Memtest86 to figure out this problem, is there an alternate Linux utility like this for ARM, that you would recomend?

We have some methods for cloning the image.

We don’t verify any 3rdparty tool from ubuntu to do the backup.

I think you misunderstood my question, I am not asking for an alternate cloning software.

Passmark Memtest86 is a stress test to figure out issues in RAM. Is there a system/memory stress test for Jetson Xavier Devices that can help me figure out the issue? I have a hunch that it is the type of Samsung External drive I’m using or perhaps a Kernel Level bug, need to make sure before I deploy in the field.

Sorry that we don’t verify any kind of tool for that.

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