Jetson Xavier system-wide crontab

I try to add @reboot root startx to system-wide crontab, located in /etc, to make sure that my script is executed when booted. startx has to be launched with root privileges.

Full logic of what I am trying to atchieve:
1 on start-up cron executes startx
2 startx launches script defined in .xinitrc

Current result: no result.

Is your regular user a member of group “video”? This is mandatory for accessing the GPU, and is one possible issue if only root can run startx (then again, it might be something entirely different). Is your user listed in:
grep ‘video’ /etc/group`

As an example of adding a user to that group, and assuming your user name is “ubuntu”, then it would go something like this:
sudo usermod -aG video ubuntu
(then verify the user name is paired with group video in “/etc/group”)