Jetson's performace benchmark for h.264 video encoding and decoding!!???

hey everyone…
has any1 tried to benchmark or max out the performance of jetson using h.264 codecs or GPU core to compress a raw video ???..i am looking for measures like frames/sec or latency etc
anything above 30 fps or less than 100 milisec will be awesome

Hi aliawan,
I do not have exact perf numbers with me right now, but they surely surpass 30fps (1080p decoding).
I assume you mean endoing by compressing raw video? That too should be at least somewhere above 30fps for 1080p, if not more.

yeap this is what i was looking for…if you find those perf numbers…do let me know here on the forum…
best regards

Saw your post. Which baord is useful for compressing pal video.
How to input the pal video on jetson boards. Is there any bnc connector on any of the boards.

Lets get started.