JetsonTk1 How to run PPSSPP emulator?

I’m not used in building from sources but actually there’s no ARMHF package yet for PPSSPP emulator.
PPSSPP project chief says it should be possible to build but he never tested…
I tried to build following instructions on hrydgard’s blog but… no way!

Please help me ;)

I have build this project,but when I make, it tell me "make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/GPU.dir/all] Error 2 ".

Thank you for the reply yaomingshiwo!
I can’t report errors I got, but I think is not possible at the moment to run/compile PPSSPP.
Now I just wonder what would come first… Android image or PPSSPP armhf? ;)

I find a website about PPSSPP for Raspberry Pi:
But my English is poor,I think you can find any useful information from it.
And another wonderful ARM pc named openpandora with week CPU which can also run PPSSPP smoothly,I have tried to find how it works.

Here is a way to compile PPSSPP for pi,I will try it tonight.