JetsonTX2 HDMI Compliance Test ID 7-2:TMDS-VL Fail

We tested the HDMI Compliance Test ID 7-2 using DevKit.
But, The single-ended low level output voltage is not match the test specification. (2.60V < VL < 2.90V @1080p60Hz)
Is there any way to pass the Compliance Test?

Hi, why are you testing this on DevKit? DevKit is validated and should not be used to mass product.

Hi Trunmany

Thank you for your replay.
Now, we are developing our custom board.
At first, we tested our custom board, but Test ID 7-2 was failed.
So we tested DevKit, and the same Test ID 7-2 was faild.
I think that the drive strength of display port is missmatch…
Is this correct?

TX2-TX2i_DisplayPort_Tuning_AN.pdf (1.23 MB)

Please refer to the HDMI chapter in this app note:

Hi Trumany,

Thank you.
Which parameter should be tune? DRIVE_CURRENT or PREEMPHASIS?

Please try tuning all possible registers as said in app note and also please refer to TRM for more detail.

Hi Trumany,

When I changed DRIVE_CURRENT(Address:0x15580138) by devmem2, the output voltage of TMDS also changed.
I will adjust the best value.

Thank you for your support!!