Jettson not flashing on SSD

I have followed all steps to flash jettson nx xavier on the SSD after i have partioned it into ext4 format and took all required steps as in sdkm , however it is still flashing on theemmc and the ssd gets partitioned into 15 different partitions after flashing .Any solutions?

EDIT:Using jetpack 5.1(rev.1) solved the problem
TY for all the help

This is jetson nano forum. Which platform are you using?

Moving this issue into Xavier NX forum.


What JetPack version did you use?

How did you confirm this? Is the SSD being detected as a bootable device in the UEFI menu?
Do you have the flashing log saved?

The SSD is being detected however it is split into 15 different partitions .The home directory is in the sdcard/emmc


Can you check the contents of /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf inside your nvme0n1p1?
Maybe it does boot from the NVMe drive, but still mounts the rootfs from the eMMC.

How do I know this ?
will i get to know this from the contents?

the uuid mentioned in this file doesnt match the uuid of any of the partitions

Then please change it to the correct one and reboot.
You may use either


should i cange iit to the id of partition1 with 15 G or partition 15 with 484G

Oh sorry.
Please first do this:

Use nvme0n1p1.

It says it cannot find that part UUID and is not booting

How do you read the part UUID?
Attach the result and the contents of extlinux.conf here.

Please always attach any log you can get instead of paraphrasing it yourself.

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