Jettson tx2 error reading from serial port input output error in nativeavailable

I’m trying to trigger an invontory using rfid reader (NORDIC ID eNUR-05WL2) on my Jetson TX2 Card

All steps detailed below are already tested and work fine on my windows pc.

1- I download all samples. (

2- Compile and build all (command line)

3- sh samples/00_Connection/

=> Work fine: Result:
createSerial(/dev/ttyACM0, 115200)
NurApi v1.9.0.8
Ping response: OK NUR-10W
info.serial: K190305243
See you again!.
Log[2]: 1576
586513827 Timeout. send packet one more time

4- sh samples/01_SimpleInventory/

=> ERROR: createSerial(/dev/ttyACM0, 115200) Input/output error in nativeavailable
at Method)
at com.nordicid.nurapi.NurApiSerialTransport.readData(
at com.nordicid.nurapi.NurApi.readThread(
at com.nordicid.nurapi.NurApi.access$1100(
at com.nordicid.nurapi.NurApi$

I tried to change the version of Rxtxcomm but it didn’t work.

Can you help me please to solve the serial communication issue? I found in the community that may be i should disable debug mode on my serial port, but i didn’t found how can i disable this option !

Can you help please ?

Thank you

Are you using the development carrier board? If so, then J17 is already clear of serial console. Also, be sure you are using 3.3V TTL level I/O on your serial UART. If speed is above 115200, then be sure you use two stop bits. If you use J17, then this would be “/dev/ttyTHS2”.