JN + thermal camera + RPi camera = very secure access system

I’m creating a budget access security system. It is based on the fact that face recognition is performed not only on the basis of a visual camera, but also on the basis of a thermal imaging sensor. It is based on a cheap thermal imaging sensor AMG8833.
The idea is to take an image from the camera, replace the red component with an infrared one (it will not be RGB, but iRGB), and send it to the network for recognition. Therefore, it will be much more difficult to cheat the system. For example, any face mask will be recognized. So far, we have managed to adapt the thermal sensor software for Jetson Nano using the Adafruit library and launch a facial recognition project from this forum.
Now you need to combine this into a single project. The project must be hardware-independent. Scaling will be applied for this purpose. So far, the following is obtained:

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