JNX42 Carrier and AW-CB375NF m2 wifi module


I’ve tried to use 2 carrier board to get full 2xusb3.2 support for orin nx 16gb. As nvidia docs. states orin nx is not fully compatabile ( almost everything works but usb hub share same channel ) So I bought J401 board which promise in their datasheet 4xUSB 3.0 line but in theory !
I am tring to use 2 zed2i camera and it is not working with this carrier. Then I moved JNX42 carrier their board seems to not share same channel and thats correct 2 zed2i can work withouth bandwidth issue but I have new issue for m2.key wifi adapter

This AW-CB375nf worked orginal carrier and j401 carrier but not working JNX42 carrier. I think that i should add/delete some register to enable it into kernel file but I dont have experince on it, If you can guide me I will be very happy and I recommend to all stay away from this two company their documents is ill format and their support is terriable. I hope nvidia will sell orin nx development board .


Actually there is already Orin NX devkit. Orin NX devkit is the Orin Nano devkit carrier board.

They are sharing the same board.

We cannot guarantee the problem on any kind of custom board. Please try to get Orin nano devkit to reproduce your issue first.

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