Joint connects kinematic and dynamic actor

I create a d6joint which connects two actors, the first actor is kinematic, and the second is dynamic. I try to move the kinematic actor by


and this will drive the joint, then the dynamic actor will also move under constraint. I have several questions about this case:

  1. How to set the spring and damping for the joint, and the range of suggestive values.
  2. The d6joint have a drive model, should I use it to drive the joint.
  3. What is the difference for driving the joint between using the D6JointDrive model and by the kinematic actor.



It’s not clear to me what you are trying to model. Could you post a screenshot or a PhysX Visual Debugger capture? There is probably no need for the kinematic actor, the joint drive should provide adequate control, and you’ll reduce compute cost by removin the extra actor from the scene.