Joystick controller with flatsim


I’m trying to implement the joystick controller with the Flatsim simulation, so i added the Commander node (the one with Gamepad Virtual Bridge inside) into the Flatsim graph. Now, i’m able to see the backend widget using Sight, however when i click on ‘Connect to backend’, it doesn’t work (robot doesn’t move).

Could you tell us a bit more about the setup you have here? This is with Flatsim using which JSON file and which robot? You’re using the Virtual Gamepad or your own physical controller? Does the backend widget indicate that it is connected to the Virtual Gamepad Bridge by any chance?

Hi hemals,

  1. i added the following nodes to flatsim.subgraph.json:
    • simulation
    • navigation
    • goals
    • commander
  2. i’m actually using my own controller, but i tried the virtual gamepad as well
  3. the backend widget is connected (i clicked on ‘Connect to backend’, it looks fine)

This might just be a missing edges between components. Could you post your flatsim.subgraph.json file with your changes?