Joystick does not work

Joystick application does not work with Kaya…I am using latest 2019.3
it does not work in Follow_me either…(everything else sims to be working)
it is not the dead-man button…I tried…

Of course Nathan. I really appreciate it. It will help me to understand how everything works in the Isaac environment.


What do you whant to do with the joystik ?

Here is the joy proto :

# Messages published from a gamepad controller.
struct JoystickStateProto {
  # State of gamepad axes
  axes @0: List(Vector2dProto);
  # State of gamepad buttons
  buttons @1: List(Bool);

I just want to learn how codelets work along with the joystick. I finally had them working and now I am able to study the code. Thanks . I did a fresh SD card installation and everything was working …joystick, follow_me, realsense_camera, mapping…thanks.

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nice have fun