JP 5.0.1 failed install SDK components for couldn't find ip

I was tring to use SDKmanager1.8.0 to install SDK components on my Jetson AGX Xavier, but it shows that:

Default IP is not available

I have used ifconfig to try to find the IP address of Jetson AGX Xavier, but I just can’t see the IP. Can you help me get the reason?

That IP is the interface that will be showing up after system boots into linux and if you have usb cable connected to the flash port with your host.

After I finish flash the OS to Jetson AGX Xavier, my SDK lost connection with Jetson AGX Xavier:

And I try to reset the Jetson AGX Xavier to connect with SDK, then the SDKmanager shows that default IP is not available:

Where should I find the correct IP address? I can’t see the information about IP on Jetson AGX Xavier.

Is your xavier already booting up into linux?

If so, do you have type C usb connected between your host and xavier? is based on the usb connection.

It also requires your host to support ncm. If it does not support, then just use wired ethernet connection is also fine.

Thanks for your reply,

  1. yes, my xavier is already booting up to linux and has been turned on.
  2. I have connect the typeC USB and the ethernet, but when my xavier turn on, SDKmanager will shows “no board connected”.
  3. I have use the wired ethernet connection, then Can you tell me how to get IP of xaiver?

I have use the wired ethernet connection, then Can you tell me how to get IP of xaiver?

ifconfig will show.

This is the infor of ifconfig on my xavier, but I can’t get the IP info:

This is kind of basic Linux. Not related to jetson.

If you don’t have IP, then check your network environment.

I use the newly installed Ubuntu 20.04 system on the host and the system burned by sdkmanager 1.8.0 on xaiver. However, after burning the system on xaiver, I encountered the problem of unable to connect when installing SDK components. Can you guide me to check the problem of network environment?

How do you connect your jetson ethernet ?

I connect the host and xaiver through a network cable.

Then you need to manually set IP on both side if there is no dhcp server to assign IP.

As I said, this is not related to jetson. If you replace jetson to another linux computer, then the case will happen too.

After setting the IP address as you said, sdkmanager can connect to xaiver. Thank you very much for your patient guidance!

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