JP 5.0.1 uefi plugin manager

JP 5.0.1 doc says plugin manager is no longer supported due to uefi, but I see L4T Dirver Sources still has source/public/hardware/nvidia/platform/t19x/galen/kernel-dts/common/tegra194-p2888-p2822-pcie-plugin-manager.dtsi that is included by bunch of other dts files. Is it still being used/supported?

No, those are not in use anymore.

In JP 4.x, we use ODMDATA 0x1190000 pcie-xbar-2-1-1-1-2 with plugin manager. Does that mean JP 5.0.1 doesn’t use ODMDATA either?

We also don’t support to change the uphy mapping for Xavier in jp5.0.1 either.

This does not matter which jetapck release. Both jetpack do not support them.

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