Jsetson TX2 support for RS170A

Hi All,

We have a requirement to use RS170A PAL output Interface with Jetson TX2 Module.As per Jetson TX2 Module features listed it doesn’t support RS170A Interface.

Do we have any converter/mechanism to Interface with Jetson TX2 module, please suggest the same.



Could you share the spec of RS170A?


I am designing one carrier card to interface with Jetson TX2 module.
Apart from HDMI and DVI display interfaces and I also require RS170A (NTSC)/(PAL) display standard interface. Can you please tell us whether Jetson supports this RS170A standard?
Can we get RGB data from Jetson to convert this RGB data to RS170A /PAl?

Actually I don’t know know the detail of RS170A standard, but we don’t support NTSC or PAL.

You may need to find a converter yourself. No official support is covered on this part.

Can we able to capture RGB data from Jetson module ?

May I ask what RGB data? RGB data from HDMI output?