JTAG on Jetson Nano

Hi All,

I am trying to connect to JTAG on the Jetson Nano 2Gb using a Lauterbach debugger. I have been able to get the IDCode but I am getting an error when I try running SYS.Detect or even just attaching the lauterbach. The error I see when running SYS.Detect is`Could not set JtagClock!’. My ongoing theory is that CoreSight is not supported on the nano and that might be causing some issues. Any advice on how I can correctly attach the lauterbach to the device or why I am running into debug port failures?


I am interested in this topic as well. Can’t answer anything, but what JTAG connector are you using? Is this a third party carrier board? I wasn’t aware of sufficient wiring for a Nano dev kit, and also the 2GB is likely not using a different carrier board.