Jtop affect camera FPS in Jetpack 5.1.1 version

I run 09_argus camera demo and run the jtop command as well.
The camera fps is ok in Jetpack 4.6.1 version.

I upgraded to version 5.1.1 recently, and run 09_argus camera demo alone is fine.
But if I run jtop at the same time, the camera fps will drop to around 50.

I run 09_argus_camera_jpeg demo like this:
./argus_camera_jpeg --pre-res 3840x2160 --cap-time 60 --fps 60 --disable-jpg -s

I need to watch GPU usage while testing, is there a solution to this problem?

Please execute sudo tegrastats and check if you still observe the issue. Please also execute sudo jetson_clocks to run hardware engines at maximum clock


execute tegrastats, no this issue.
but it has no GPU utilization output

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