Jtoson TK1 Graphics Driver seems leek memory.


I’m developing using Jtoson TK1.
I confuse that the display driver seems leek memory.
When the process which used OpenGL is killed, still memory seems allocated.
When X is restarted, the amount of memory is increased.

KiB Mem: 1788136 total, 970928 used, 817208 free, 24328 buffers
KiB Mem: 1788136 total, 1293776 used, 494360 free, 24536 buffers
KiB Mem: 1788136 total, 1634048 used, 154088 free, 24540 buffers
KiB Mem: 1788136 total, 1643596 used, 144540 free, 484 buffers

Is there anyone who can help me?

How are you checking the memory consumption? Your numbers above don’t include e.g. disk cache that often takes all the “extra” available memory.

Third time I run my process.

I got stderr message. and my process is locked.

“The NVIDIA OpenGL driver has encountered
an out of memory error. This application might
behave inconsistently and fail.”

what does it mean?