JTX1 availability and support duration

Howdy folks,

Where would I be able to find out information about how long the JTX1 will be available for and be supported by NVIDIA? I am thinking about embedding the JTX1 in a commercial product, instead of going with an FPGA as originally planned.

Also, on a similar note, what is known about the successor of the JTX1?



Hi Galto

Regarding the Jetson TX1 product lifecycle support, you could find the information from below page:


Thank you Kayccc


Is there any information on the successor of the JTX1 ?

Will the form-factor and the physical interface be the same as the JTX1?

Hi Galto2000,

That depends on the product requirement to implement, you could refer to those publish documents from download center:

Regarding TX1 base product, you could google them from the internet.