JTX1 Camera module syncronization


I am using JTX1 module we are using four camera module connected to TX1 the 3 camera module (image sensors) is directly connected to the JTX1 module through MIPI interface and one sensor is connected to the JTX1 through ISP ie (MIPI interface of ISP connected to JTX1)

CSI [0,1][D[0,1]] 4 LANES +1 CLK ISP ->OV2275
CSI [2][D[0]] 1 LANES +1 CLK image sensor ->OV9732
CSI [4][D[0]] 1 LANES +1 CLK image sensor ->OV9732
CSI [5][D[0]] 1 LANES +1 CLK image sensor ->OV9732

In this case if we need to synchronize the cameras for creating a 3-D image
is this possible from TX1 through MIPI or does in requires external synchronization to all the sensors and ISP for having a uniform time to start capturing the image ?
Note :all the sensor is having a external frame sync control input PIN
can I drive this pin from the processor ?

TX1 is receiver can’t synchronize. You have implement the external frame via frame sync pin like you say. And I think still need enable it by the sensor REG setting.

Can I use a GPIO pin for connecting all the FSIN pin ?Is it possible to implement GPIO pin as FSYNC pin from the processor side ?

The FSIN pin is only connect to sensors itself to synchronize output the frame, not need connect to TX1. From the TX side there is no any action for it because sensors already sync to output.