Jumper settings to disable Denver cores on Tx2


Is there any jumper setting on the TX2 board, through which, both the Denver cores can be disabled in the hardware itself. (Something, like they don’t even powered on)


There are performance settings through “/sys”, but no jumpers…it’s a software setting. This may be of interest:

Thanks linuxdev, for you reply. I am aware of the software settings to disable cores.

I am specifically looking at hardware way of disabling the Denver cores.


I know of no such jumper.

Thanks linuxdev for the reply.

Could the Nvidia Moderators confirm this, please ?


Hi aleem_chisti,

Linuxdev’s answer is correct, there is no hardware way of disabling the Denver cores.


You can solve this yourself:
Just read through the documentation for the Jetson module pinouts.
There is no such jumper on the pinout.
Then read the documentation for the “fuses” you can burn.
There is no such fuse.