Jupyter Notebook on L4T Pytorch Container

I am attempting to try some PyTorch development on a Jetson Nano, and want to use the L4T Pytorch Container. I’ve pulled it, and it doesn’t seem to have Jupyter notebook installed in it. I’ve attempted to pip install it in the container, but get a compile error.

Is there a way to use Jupyter Notebook with the PyTorch L4T container?

Hi @bradpr, if you try the l4t-ml container instead, it already has JupyterLab installed and it will start the Jupyter server automatically when you start the container. l4t-ml also has PyTorch installed (and a bunch of other ML stuff)

If you prefer to install JupyterLab inside l4t-pytorch instead, you can see the procedure that was followed to install it in l4t-ml here:


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Awesome - L4t-ml looks to have what I need already in it. Thanks for that!
One problem I just encountered with it, however, is that the ipywidgets module doesn’t render in the notebook. It only displays a text string describing what the widget should be rendering. For instance, I’m using the image collection widget code from the intro course classifier example. When I run it in the l4t-ml container’s instance of jupyter notebook, I only get

I’ve attempted to update & reinstall the ipywidgets module, but that has not helped.

Any advice on how to get this working?

I just saw this thread, and am trying it now:

Ah yes, sorry about that - I patched that in the Dockerfile, so you would need to rebuild the container using the jetson-containers repo, or manually patch it like in this comment.


I am new in this platform and I have never used dockers. How can I start the L4T Pytorch Container and the jupyterLab. Because I connect the jetson nano with my laptop through ssh and try to connect in localhost:8888 and it is not working.
Once I have been connected, the changes in the docker are saved?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ilerda7, it is the l4t-ml container that has JupyterLab. See this page for the commands to start it:

There are also commands on that page to start it with a mounted directory, which is how you would save your files outside container.

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