Jupyterlab conflicting dependencies

I’m flashing an SD card from scratch and I’m trying to install jupyterlab but I’m getting this error:

Any help would be appreciated.

PS: When I try to upgrade Jupyterlab I get requirement already satisfied…
Thank you!

What do you mean? It’s not an issue now? Thanks

For some reason it gives me that conflicting dependency error even if I have the compatible version.
Would you also be able to guide me on how I can set up jupyter so that when I turn on the nano I can connect through IP instead of needing a monitor?

Don’t understand your means.

So in the disk image for jetbot, jupyterlab is set up to be accessible through the static IP of the jetson nano. (I believe thourgh wlan0)
However, when I make the disk image from scratch, this feature is not there and I need a monitor to work on it.
I would like to add this feature to the image I made from scratch.

I have tried modifying /etc/network/interfaces like in here ubuntu - How te set a static IP for a Jetson Nano? - Stack Overflow but with wlan0 but it’s not working.
I’m not sure if this is the right way to do it. I’ve looked for guides in the documentation and haven’t found anything.

Any advice would be appreciated. Or pointing me to the right direction,

If you just want to know the IP without monitor. You can connected Nano to your host via USB cable(the port use flash system image) and connect to it by ssh by xxxx@ then able to check any others IP.

Yes I know, but what I’d like to set it up to have the same feature as in the jetbot sdk image. As I don’t want to carry a monitor around or have to connect to anything


Are you asking wifi interface of wired network?

wifi ^^


The IP of wifi interface is assigned by the wifi hotspot you connected to. Something randomly assigned by yourself may not work.

Right, I’m not tryin to assign it, just set up the feature of being able to connect to it like in the jetbot SDK.
When I use the jetbot SDK, the IP is displayed in the LED and I can connect to jupyter lab through the IP But when creating the img from scratch, that feature is not there. So I’d like to set that up myself.

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