JupyterLab on Nano: model not found

I do the courese C-RX-02 “Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano” And have some trouble with setting up my System.

I will shortly explain which steps I’ve already done and continue with explaining my troubleshooting.

  1. Installation of Image to SD-Card
  2. Start the Nano without Camera connected
  3. Launch JupyterLabs with a Browser on PC using IP-Address of the Nano
  4. Start the Nano with Camera connected and launch JupyterLab again
  5. Follow the JupyterLab commands to a specific point
  6. Creating Camera Object --> works
  7. Taking Images --> works
  8. Loading Libs --> works
  9. Calling Libs for widget creation --> works
  10. Using display-function --> don't works

The Display Function returns the error “model not found”

I tried a few things to understand what is working and why the function returns the error.

  1. checking if the python libs are correctly installed --> check
  2. checking step-by-step which function returns the error --> check
  3. Analysing if somebody else had the same problem --> didn't found any relevant
  4. Restaring Kernels of JupyterLabs --> check

I really don’t know what I am doing wrong. If anybody could repeat this error from the course and has deeper and better knowledge when me with JUpyterLabs that would be nice.

Hi matti.kaupenjohann,

Could you please post here which browser are you using?

We suggest to use, chrome, or Firefox, as most of the JupyterLab APIs are tested on those.
Here is the similar issue,


Please let me know if this solves your issue.


I just read your posted topic. I would say it was excatly similar to my problem. I got into the endless login loop with firefox(preferred browser) and switched to edge (didnt installed anything else on this system to the moment).

I would not follow his advise to work on Edge implementation (news for edge are not good ;)) but I would appreciated for a workaround with firefox. Until then I will stick to Chrome.

Thx for your help.

p.s.: I searched the devtalk to find any entry for this problem with no result for your mentioned topic. Maybe the title could be a bit more outstandig or better is a tagging system planned?