K1 and K2 Cards in the same Server

Can you use the K1 and K2 in the same box? I would think there would be conflicting hardware issues. Cant seem to find anyone that has done this, nor have I found documentation saying otherwise. Any wise souls out there that can shed any light on this? I don’t think its possible currently, BUT I could be wrong.

Technically there aren’t any issues, however you’ll need to confirm with the OEM that you purchase the server chassis from that they certify it.

So yes it’s possible, if the OEM has certified it.

Hi, Jason:
We have followed all the instructions on setting up the R720, with the proper BIOS settings, CPUs, power supplies, cables, driver installs, XenServer 6.2 hotfixes, etc. etc. The K1 and K2 show up find under the GPU list on the XenServer, but the Windows 2012 R2 (XenApp 7.5) VM – even when told to connect to the K2 – picks the K1 and ignores the K2 as if it didn’t even exist. This happens both for GPU passthrough and vGPU modes. Is this a XenServer issue and if so, is Citrix the right place to open a dialog? We have not found anyone who has been able to confirm a mixed K1/K2 environment really works, which is disconcerting.


Dell does not support mixed cards in their servers, off the top of my head I don’t think any of the OEMs are supporting that this point. As to why? Let me see if I can find out…

Thank you, Luke. Seems silly why not, other than a driver confusion issue. Certainly XenServer sees both as separate installs and each with a unique set of hardware addresses. It would be nice if both a K1 and K2 in the same R720 were eventually a supported option. Do any other vendors support a mixed configuration, just out of curiosity? Thanks much for the clarification!
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I asked the engineering team and got the following answer…https://gridforums.nvidia.com/default/topic/322/talks-with-the-developers/talks-with-andy-currid-mixing-grid-cards-in-a-server/

Hi Tobias

Apologies as I realize this is a slightly older thread, but were you able to get the mixed K1 / K2 cards to work together? I’ve just purchased a K2 to go in my R720 along with the K1 which is currently installed and working. This is on XenServer 6.5, so unsure if there will be any differences to the issue you are / were experiencing? I’m not interested in OEM support, as this is in my home lab, I’m more interested in whether it will actually work. I guess I’ll find out in a few days when the K2 arrives, but was just wondering if you had managed to resolve your issue?



Just thought I’d finish this off… A GRID K1 and K2 card will run together in the same chassis with XenServer 6.5 and a Dell R720… Whether it’s supported or not, that’s a different question. But it does work without issue… ;-)

So sorry, Benji, I misssed this earlier somehow (!) but in any case, yes, starting a while back under I think XenServer 6.5 it all started working and we do, in fact, also have a Dell R720 running XenServer 6.5 SP1 with both a K1 and K2 fully functional.