K20C + Quadro 600/K600 + PCI-E 3.0 Dell T7600 + RHEL 6.x: No Boot


I’ve been searching this Forum for issues similar to the above and it is likely that the PCI-E 3.0 is causing issues. But requesting some authoritative info, since I actually went out and bought a new Quadro K600 to resolve the issue but with no luck yet.

Here are the system setups and findings:

  1. Dell T7600
    PCI-E 3.0 motherboard and PCI-E 3.0 dual socket Intel Xeon E5
    RHEL 6.x
    CUDA 5.5 (kit and driver with fresh OS install)
    1X K20C
    Quadro 600 or Quadro K600
    Finding: System refuses to go through with the boot process fully.

  2. DELL Older system:
    PCI-E 2.0 motherboard and Intel E5420 series (PCI-E 2.0)
    RHEL 6.x
    CUDA 5.5 (kit and driver with fresh OS install)
    1X K20C
    Quadro K600
    Finding: System boots successfully.

From the above, the only distinction between the successful and unsuccessful boot systems seems to be the PCI-E 3.0 motherboard and CPU in Dell T7600.

Unfortunately, the Dell T7600 BIOS does not have a facility to adjust PCI-E speed from 3.0 to 2.0 (which ploy, if I have understood it correctly, seems to have worked for some folks).

Need help urgently. If you need any further info, can provide.

Thanks much.

On system 1, if you change slots for the Quadro 600 or Quadro K600 with the K20c, does it boot then?

I’m assuming by “refuses to go through with the boot process fully” you mean that it does not even get to the OS, correct? Is there a Dell support contract with that new system? Chances are they might be able to help. Any BIOS updates for that system that you can install?

Seems like the latest BIOS is version A07:
One of the fixes reads: “Fixed hang during POST when two K5000 cards are installed.”
Not exactly your specific case, but it’s close. Chances are it’s a BIOS issue and you probably need to take it up with Dell support.