K2200 Machine will not boot with 4K monitor, will boot normally with 1080p monitor

I have about 60 workstations and most of them are HP Z4’s with P2000 GPUs. They work fine, but the HP Z440 machines with K2200 GPUs won’t boot if a 4K monitor is plugged in. I can plug in a 1080p monitor and the machine boots and then I and switch to plug in the 4K but it won’t boot from the 4K natively. My question is can I always force the K2200 to only run at 1080p regardless of the monitor or is there any other way around this other than plugging another monitor up? All the systems are Linux Redhat 7.9 Kernel 3.10.0-1160.62.1 with the Nouvaeu graphics driver blacklist and disabled and the Nvidia driver installed. I tried DP to DP straight cable, DVI to DP, DP to HDMI, and I have tried multiple different cables. The same issue exist on 12 machines. I updated the driver to 510.73.05 and that did not help. The DP to DP cable on a Samsung 1080p monitor works fine and the machines boots normally. The same cable from DP to DP on a Dell 4K monitor and the machine will not post to pre-boot. I did try and hook up a DP to HDMI cable from K2200 to a KVM switch and from the KVM HDMI to HDMI to the Dell 4K Monitor and as long as the K2200 GPU sees the KVM device and not the monitor, the machine boot normally.

Rather sounds like a (v)bios issue.

The BIOS version is 2.38 rev A for the HP440s. I tried to flash 2.58 rev A and it wouldn’t take using the HP-Flash utility so I’m going to try and do a disk.