K6000 & 1080TI in the one machine?

Hi there,

I’m hope someone could help me.

I want to run my HPz820 with a K6000 & 1080TI for redshift rendering in maya.

Is there a specific driver or setup that will work?

Currently living though the black screen nightmare after installin both drivers!



is this windows or linux?

in general, you only pick one driver for a collection of NVIDIA GPUs.

It’s Windows 10.


Has anyone had any experience with mixing geforce & quadro?
There’s no steer really in the drivers section of the site.

I don’t think nvidia want us crossing the streams!


If you use the driver that comes with the CUDA 9 (windows 10) installer, it’s designed to work with whatever GPUs you have in your system whether GeForce or Quadro. It should work with your K6000 and your 1080ti

Cheers TxBob,

I’ll give that a go.

Thanks again