K80 with 2 different MiB volumes

Hi all,

I have bought 2 GPUS.

Both are Nvida Tesla K80.

However, i ran a VRAM check and realize both have different MiBs 12206 MIB and 11441 MiBs.

Can anyone explain to me why is there a difference in both of these K80s?

PN for 11441 Mib- 900-22080-0000-000 Z

PN for 12206 Mib- 900-22080-0000-000 AA

Just a guess: Do you have ECC enabled on one GPU and disabled on the other GPU?

Use nvidia-smi to display (and change) the ECC status. ECC status is persistent. With ECC enabled, a certain amount of memory (I seem to recall 6.25%) of the total physical memory will be used to store the additional bits used for error correction, reducing the amount of memory available to CUDA applications.