Kafka message in deepstream-occupancy-analytics

Hi, I fixed mgsconv.txt:


#description=Vehicle Detection and License Plate Recognition
#description=Vehicle Detection and License Plate Recognition 1

I used 2 sources corresponding to 2 analytic modules, but kafka topic only show first analytic module [analytics0]

"messageid" : "69995786-a460-4e56-afaa-f12d3dc29d2b",
"mdsversion" : "1.0",
"[@timestamp](https://github.com/timestamp)" : "2021-06-30T07:34:07.107Z",
"analyticsModule" : {
"RF" : 1.0,
"Entry" : 0.0,
"Exit" : 0.0,
"id" : "0",
"description" : "",
"source" : "rtsp0",
"version" : "1.0",
"confidence" : 0.0

while osd still show both 2 analytics sources in screen
I hope to get help soon

the scenario reproed. and we are checking internally, thanks for your patience.

do u have solution for this problem?

We are debugging this, will get back to you once progress, thanks.

Please use sample which support multi sources, like test5 sample, and specify each source group have one input, in your case, specify 2 source group with each group have one input, and 2 analytic module as you pasted.
each input source corresponded with each analytics module.

thank for ur help.

May i know you just did for test or have real user case, let’s say, if you have 2 source group, each group have numbers of input, supposed here numbers is 2, and analytic module in the config is 4, and each input correspond with each analytic module.

No, I used 2 rtsp sources. Each source corresponding to 1 analytic modules

2 source group, each source group have one rtsp source, correct?


Got it, thanks.

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