Kaolin is flipping object orientation

I currently have a single object that is oriented correctly in Create. When I use the data generator to import the object, it is still in the correct orientation. However, when I run the data generation, no matter what settings I use for assets or camera, the object is not matching the viewport orientation. The viewport view is how I want the data to be generated. When I hit preview, it is oriented correctly. When I run the data generation it switches to the incorrect orientation and then applies the randomizations. I can’t figure this one out.

Hello @MontyPy! We submitted your issue to the Kaolin team and I am waiting on a response. Thanks for reaching out to us!

Hello MontyPy! Thank you for reporting this issue. I’m part of the Kaolin team, and I believe I was able to replicate the issue you encountered. The Data Generator currently assumes that the USD provided will have a DefaultPrim with no transform applied to it, and will clear and apply its own transform if there is. A workaround for this is to add a parent Xform prim as a parent to your asset and make this the DefaultPrim. This can be done in either Kaolin or Create. One easy way to achieve this would be:

  1. File->New (This creates a USD scene with a /Worldprim of type Xform set as a DefaultPrim by default
  2. File->Add Reference (choose the problematic usd with its transform applied)
  3. File->Save

Then load this saved USD to the DataGenerator. Please let us know whether this successfully addresses the problem.

We’ve noted the issue and will address it in a future update to avoid the need for this workaround. Again, thank you for brining this to our attention and helping make Kaolin better!

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Thanks for looking into this - I appreciate it. I’m not sure if it is related to this issue (I haven’t tested your solution yet), but I’ve been recently importing objects with materials applied in Create to generate data. I did this close to the 2.0 update and I’ve noticed a significant slowdown in data generation speed. Could this be because of the added materials?

An additional question, what would be the benefit of using the IsaacSim extensions in Kaolin versus using the IsaacSim app for DR data generation?

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