Kaolin Not Even Loading Data Generating Tab

When I open the Kaolin app and select a root directory in the Data Generation tab no options appear - simply the root dir and presets lines. I’ve tried resetting my computer multiple times. I’m getting the error “Accessed invalid null prim”

Hi @MontyPy! You’ve been busy! Could you please send us a copy of your full logs of this error? It would really help the Kaolin team identify where the error may have occurred.

You should be able to find your log here:

Omniverse App Logs: `C:\Users<USERNAME>.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Kaolin

I have! Things work great…until they don’t.

I fixed my problem by completely reinstalling the app. I don’t have access to the previous logs, but perhaps this can give additional context for the situation:

When the app was working well, I had a stage with two of the same assets for my purposes. I wanted to move on to another asset so I exited Kaolin, opened create to import a new asset and save as a USD. After opening a new instance of Kaolin, when I tried to open my single asset from create (I verified that it was only one) the previous two assets from my other workspace kept showing up on the stage. When I deleted them from the stage, Kaolin would error out and wouldn’t run anything at all. Seems like it could have been some sort of dependency issues with the assets.

Thank you @MontyPy! I informed the Kaolin team about your update. Appreciate you letting us know about this!