Kaya Build - "Dark Mode"

Just wanted to share my Kaya build. More pictures to come.

Hi Strikker:
It’s very nice to see pictures.
I am having problem in assign IDs to the Dynamixel Motors. Specifically I don’t know how to connect the Dynamixel motor to external (12V) power. How does that power line come in? Do I use “EPBOWPT DC 24V to DC 12V 5A 60W Converter Step Down Regulator Module Transformer Power Supply” somehow? and how? or something else? Do you have a picture for it? Thanks in advance.


Hey acumenta,

The assembly instructions have been updated with a diagram:


This must have been a recent revision because it was not there the last time I visited the page. Hope this helps!

Thank you, Strikker, that’s very helpful.

Hi, your “Dark mode” of KAYA looks very nice!
We also build “100-SHIKI” KAYA and want to show you!